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CITY OF MAPLEWOOD <br />• ADVISORY BOARDICOMMISSION APPOINTMENT POLICY <br />The City Council will hold interviews for the commission vacancies and will make appointments. The City <br />Council will accept prepared questions from the advisory boards to use during the interview process if <br />provided by the appropriate board. <br />The chair or designee of each commission will attend the interview session and should provide input to the <br />City Council. The chair or designee will not have a vote in the process. <br />The City Council will not impose term limits. However, they will make appointments or re -appointments <br />through an open or community wide process. When a term ends every commissioner seeking re- <br />appointment will re -apply and possibly interview again with the City Council and any other candidates (if <br />there are others). The Council will then have 3 options: re -appoint the existing commissioner, appoint a <br />new person to a new term or leave the position open to fill at a later date. <br />The City Council will establish a contact with each advisory board or commission. The Council will make <br />the appointments among themselves at a city council meeting (generally, the first or second meeting of the <br />year). The term of the contact appointment will be for one year or another mutually agreed upon <br />timeframe. <br />The City Council may remove any commissioner from their board for un -ethical behavior or other <br />misconduct. Excessive absences from meetings during a year will result in an automatic resignation <br />Each commission will have the chair or other member attend city council meetings to present reports on <br />topics/actions taken at commission meetings. This is currently done by CDRB and PC and will now be <br />extended to other commissions. <br />Adopted May.04 <br />0 <br />