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<br />AGENDA <br />MAPLEWOOD CITY COUNCIL <br />MANAGER WORKSHOP <br />6:00 P.M. Monday, February 22, 2021 <br />Held Remotely Via Conference Call <br />Dial 1-312-626-6799 or 1-888-788-0099 <br />When Prompted Enter Meeting ID: 995 1230 4840# <br />No Participant ID, Enter # When Prompted <br />A.CALL TO ORDER <br />B.ROLL CALL <br />C.APPROVAL OF AGENDA <br />D.UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />None <br />E.NEW BUSINESS <br />1.South Maplewood Century Avenue Redevelopment / Ponds at Battle Creek Update <br />F.ADJOURNMENT <br />RULES OF CIVILITY FOR THE CITY COUNCIL, BOARDS, COMMISSIONS AND OUR COMMUNITY <br />Following are rules of civility the City of Maplewood expects of everyone appearing at Council Meetings - elected <br />officials, staff and citizens. It is hoped that by following these simple rules, everyone’s opinions can be heard <br />and understood in a reasonable manner. We appreciate the fact that when appearing at Council meetings, it is <br />understood that everyone will follow these principles: <br />Speak only for yourself, not for other council members or citizens - unless specifically tasked by your colleagues <br />to speak for the group or for citizens in the form of a petition. <br />Show respect during comments and/or discussions, listen actively and do not interrupt or talk amongst each <br />other. <br />Be respectful of the process, keeping order and decorum. Do not be critical of council members, staff or others <br />in public. <br />Be respectful of each other’s time keeping remarks brief, to the point and non-repetitive. <br /> <br />